The Beauty of the Unique Effect

The value of an object is not only given by the value of its component materials.
How do you judge the beauty of an object like bijoux ?
There are many ways to do this. We can evaluate the quality of materials, the skill of the designer, the technique of making, and the quantity of multiples produced.
These are all factors that contribute to measuring its pleasantness and value, but they cannot suffice to quantify its beauty.
An artifact, to be called beautiful, must have a soul and a purpose.
It must be not just an object to be assembled, but an EFFECT. TheUnique Effect.

Make it even brighter the beauty that is in every woman Is our goal.

You can admire a piece by holding it in your hands, but it is only when you have worn it that it will be able to reveal its soul to you.
That will have to be the reverberation of your own.
Its reflections, its luster, will become a complement to your personal light, a compliment to the splendor of your personality.
We create bijoux with unique effects, designed, made for you, in a delicate balance that culminates in the dressing. In the design phase we evaluate a number of key parameters that go beyond the static physicality of the object.
The weight, the way it sits and stands on the figure, the light it emanates and reflects, the movements that follow those of the body and enhance the face.
Each unique object must face each of these tests and, only once they have passed, can it become a full-fledged bijoux Lagriffe Bijoux: perfect in every way, a Unique Effect, devoted to enhancing your light. This is the beauty in which we believe.

Creating emotions to wear,
accessories that match
the exciting moments of life.

This is our vision. How do we make Unique Effects?
By applying goldsmith craftsmanship to the world of bijoux.
Each piece, made by hand, goes through several stages of development.
We want to tell you about it this way…