Learn how a Lagriffe bijoux is born

Jewelry and bijoux have always been realities, if not opposed, at least well differentiated. Jewelry is traditionally linked to gems,
precious metals and complicated and expensive manufacturing processes; bijoux is often considered a mere imitation of it.
Lagriffe Bijoux has reduced the distance between these two universes, revolutionizing the world of bijoux and elevating the level of jewelry making to the level of jewelry,
Now only materially more valuable.
He conceptually re-invented the reality of it, applying craftsmanship, homologous to that of the goldsmith, transforming
the bijoux from mere realizations and reproductions to
unique creations.

The wish picture

The real mission of Lagriffe Bijoux came about when we began to desire something more than making beautiful items to wear. Creating emotions to wear, unique effects, capable of enhancing the beauty in every woman was the new challenge.
For us, bijoux had to become something different, alternative and with something more than a piece of jewelry, which has always been considered a traditional family value. The bijoux we had in mind was to be a accessory loaded with style, with a personality akin to the woman who would choose him.
The bijoux is that original touch toward the
Wow Effect,
which is accomplished when a woman finds the ornament that matches her. Fantasy and challenge. We started from here.

The soul of the prototype

Every stage of our workings have been invented ad hoc over years of trials, creative outbursts and an imagination that is always fertile and proudly open to contamination.
All the tools we use for processing are our own invention; loans from other worlds that have helped us work well, always striving for perfect results. We have come up with shapes, molds, casts, folding techniques, coloring and rhinestones, making Lagriffe Bijoux a true non-replicable artistic hotbed, the result of 30 years of experience, stubbornness and imagination.

The support of technology

Artisan manufacture does not equate to archaic manufacturing practices.
We have always looked at technological progress with curiosity; the technology for us is an opportunity for improvement. We have equipped ourselves with innovative technological facilities and tools to carry out even more challenging and accurate projects from the point of view of material workmanship and effects of which each artifact is an emblem.
Each bijoux must pass many tests before it is physically made. The idea, born in the minds of the creators, takes shape on the screen, where it must show its value in the round, proving itself, upon 360-degree analysis, worthy of production.

The search for materials

Only once the prototype has succeeded in convincing us of its value and personality does the actual implementation begin.
We study the proportions of the pure object, evaluate the materials and alloys that best suit its character. We fabricate metal sheets by defining laser profiles for a purity of contour and an impeccable cleanliness of details.
We bend, curve, and combine materials until the final effect returns the initial expectation, finally fulfilled. The combinations of design, textures and materials are almost endless. The new bijoux are physically accomplished. But there is still a long way to go…

The stars in dust

Our bijoux, 10,000 pieces per season, to be exact, 2,000 pieces per month, are not quite ready yet. A dedicated team takes care of giving them light and color. The dominant hues, the carats of reflective materials, and the impact of light refraction are chosen for each collection. The Unique Effect we are looking for. It is a long and laborious process. Each piece is treated with Each piece is treated with Thick electroplating, free of nickel and allergenic substances., which guarantee their quality.
After drying, patient hands apply individual rhinestones that generate original and unrepeatable maps of color and brilliance to achieve perfection down to the last detail. Our bijoux are almost complete, still missing some essential steps….

The patience of the wise

Our universe of handcrafted bijoux is a special world, where patience is an essential skill.
Each piece is unique and unrepeatable; our team is composed of people who know this long and delicate process of creation very well. It takes the right amount of time to design each bijoux and make it. Being able to complete an entire collection is one of the skills that comes from 30 years in the business. Pieces must be tried on, sometimes revised, one by one, until the final stage of packaging, finally ready for shipment.

Ensemble music

Before we market our products, we subject them to a final and important stage. Part of the team is dedicated to the study of the final effect, observing each piece of the collection being worn. The model wears the finished product and makes it move and jingle, generating reflections and light effects that we, mirrors and spectators together, carefully evaluate.
We notice the detail and the original touch, that something elusive and very difficult to explain, but which gives meaning to the whole.
It means the entire destiny of each individual piece, the success of the collection, the impression of added and amplified beauty, the summation of masterful craftsmanship.
A unique effect. The result of a collective effort.
Creativity and exclusive objects. An ensemble music.