A bijoux for us cannot be just an object to be assembled, but an EFFECT.
The Unique Effect.

Capable of enhance and amplify, through its reflection, the beauty of every woman. We do not define this Unique Effect. We create original pieces, imprinting them with our soul and vision. But their interpretation remains free.
When it comes to jewelry, it’s always a personal choice, but we thought we’d give you a Little help in finding the earrings that look best on you, based on the shape and characteristics of your face. Thanks to the advice of our experts, it will be even easier to choose the earring capable of make the most of you. It is not just a matter of features; we also take into consideration proportions and other aspects that may influence the choice.
Your hairstyle also matters a lot.
If you wear your hair short or upswept, more showy, dangling earrings and even heavily worked with stones and rhinestones are perfect.
If you have medium-length hair and wear it loose, it is best to avoid earrings that are too long, but prefer medium-sized earrings, hoops or pearls.
With long, loose hair, the earrings that look best are dangling, elongated earrings. More elaborate, light-filled earrings are also fine.


  Round face  

If you have a round face, the most suitable earrings are pendants, with elongated or geometric shapes and colored stones that help streamline the lines of the face. Small earrings, on the other hand, should be avoided, so as not to risk making the face look even rounder.


  Square face  

If you have a square face, earrings that fit best are soft pendants or round earrings .
For daytime, hoops are perfect, while in the evening you can dare with larger, oversized hoops.


  Oval face  

If you have an oval face, feel free to choose any kind of earrings, worrying only about the occasion for which you want to wear them, without forgetting to take care of the hairstyle that will make them stand out the best.


  Triangular face  

The triangle face is characterized by the pointed chin line. For this type of face, the ideal earring is drop earring, because it softens the features and harmonizes them. Small circles and beads are also very good, but still small in size.


  Elongated face  

If you have an elongated face shape, you can try to focus attention on the upper part of the face. The earrings that can give more prominence are those with lobe attachments, not necessarily small, in fact, perhaps with more unusual shapes, such as star-shaped or very bright and rich light play.


  Heart-shaped face  

For a heart-shaped face, prefer round shapes, non-spiky pendants and hoops of any size. Avoid earrings with angular shapes, highlights and pendants that are too long.