The word generation for us is fundamental because it encapsulates two different but equally important concepts.

The generation of the product, understood as the genesis of a bijoux,
which translates into the care, method and birth of each piece and the
generations of people, who over the years have collaborated
together with passion bringing to life, through their commitment and dedication, the reality we now see.
The values shared and then transmitted, person to person, within the company have become our brand values.


Offering themselves to achieve a common goal has made it possible to realize the dream of doing business in Italy.
A mix of generations that together weave the fabric of Lagriffe Bijoux.

The origin of Lagriffe Bijoux

The adventure of Lagriffe Bijoux began in the 1980s in a reality controlled by wholesalers and retailers of small silver items for third parties.
These were the boom years for costume jewelry, and the rapidly expanding market allowed the company to take root throughout Italy. In the 1990s, however, the industry scenario presents very similar assembly products with little underlying design research. This is where our vision begins to deviate from the current idea of other bijoutiers, focused more on quantity than quality.
Unexplored roads are beginning to be glimpsed. New thrusts toward originality in production elevate Lagriffe Bijoux Above the common landscape. The design idea stands out. The conception of making unique and beautifully crafted objects lead to a change of course.

Lagriffe Bijoux’s statement.

The ingredients that have helped establish our project over the years consist of the following development of creative potential and of the manual dexterity acquired from experienced goldsmiths, but especially in thelove of design. The coming together of these elements made it possible to emphasize the mission of a company that believes in the future of the quality bijoux. The philosophy of creating unique effects and making emotions to wear is ingrained in the collections and returns a distinctive and recognizable brand image. The special feature of the collections stands out in the character of the pieces. Accurate filigrees and sparkling rhinestones stand out and become the striking calling card of the high-end costume jewelry. Our vision is to offer a’precious alternative to high jewelry, sensitive to rapid changes in market mood.

An international brand, the generation of change

Trade and creativity are the basis of the brand Lagriffe Bijoux. At the two ‘C‘ of trade e creativity another equally important one is added: comunication. The team, through years of experimentation, sees the need to generate change, the importance of communicating brand value across a wide range to expand the market and cross national borders.
It needs decisive steps aimed at making large-scale production and distribution more efficient. The new course is the result of enhancing the skills and experience of 30 years of work.
Lagriffe Bijoux is ready for the challenge that, from 2020, will take the company into the future, transforming it into a broader international brand.
A brand on the move. A history of generations.